What's a real friend like?

What's fun to do with these quality people?

Friends on hood
Friendships come in different shades and colors.
Some are just really fun.
Some friendships are more about socializing, or work stuff...
And there are those rarest of friends who you can share with without any filters whatsoever,
someone who knows you better than literally anyone else out there.
Friends laughing over coffee
A simple platform to celebrate your friendships.
Plan meetups, parties and fun nights out.
Meet people who are really worth your time.
Celebrate milestones, or get support when needed.
In the end, who do you know will be there for you, no matter what?
Backward hug
Which friendships really feed the spirit?
Which groups really support your inner growth?
Who have you learned enough from already?
We celebrate all friendships, but also help you figure out what's what.
Crystalline waters
What's your next adventure?
Fun gatherings with people you'll want to spend more time with.
Every day a friend could be cooking up an outing, a game, or something totally unexpected.
Three friends
As with all relationships, friendships can teach us much about ourselves.
What patterns have developed over the years?
How much altruism is in it? Is there a healthy give and take?
Gratitude starts with awareness.

What we
work towards

Helping hand

A light in this world of illusion

A real friendship is rare. A friend is someone who is really rooting for you, who sees your potential and wants to see you happy. It’s important to recognize which circles really help us rise, and which end up bringing us down. Here’s a community celebrating those rare friendships that pull us out of isolation and remind us of what really matters in life.


Your crew. Your dreams.

Here you’ll find groups of people you can be all you want to be with. Want friends you can play frisbee in the park with? Friends who will join in house parties, or want to go out dancing? Hiking or camping, or just catching up without a pretext? Whatever it looks like, it’s in a community of people you know you can have the time of your life with.


Understanding dynamics and contexts

Friendships aren’t all lovey-dovey. Certain situations bring envy or resentment, and friends sometimes “break up” for months or years at a time. Friendships between opposite genders especially can get confusing if there are underlying attractions. Some things are better left unsaid, but certain issues can be resolved almost miraculously through a simple conversation. Still, missed opportunities to forgive, accept and grow are all too common. Join us in pushing the limits of what’s possible!

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A true friend is worth gold – a community of them? Here we have fun gatherings, but get real too.